Get to Know to a Retriever

Young man leads and others follow

Brandon Foster

Staff Writer


What is your name, major, and year?

My name is Ilan Taylor. I am a current sophomore who is majoring in

Biology with a minor in Psychology.


Where are you from (city, county)?

I originate from Park Heights in Baltimore City.

Summary: Ilan Taylor longs to effect change and climb corporate ladders as an anesthesiologist.


Summary: Ilan Taylor longs to effect change and climb corporate ladders as an anesthesiologist.

Who do you admire and why?

I admire the members of the political TEA party right now. While I do

not condone all of the measures they are vouching for currently, I

still commend their efforts in attempting to persuade the mindset of

the public and protect sovereignty in the nation, even if the majority

does not agree.


What is your career goal?

My career goal is to eventually become a licensed practicing

anesthesiologist managing a successful practice of colleagues. Prior

to that, however, I wish to earn a Master of Science Degree in

Anesthesiology to become an anesthesiologist assistant.


If you could change one thing around the world, what would it be?

I would change the structures and/or procedures of some the different

governments worldwide. Some countries have the concept figured out to

where the public can coexist peacefully for the most part, but the

United States government, for instance, receives massive hate,

protest and disdain mainly for its legerdemain on controversial

topics and maladroit financing. Changing this relationship would start

to make the world a better place to inhabit.


What do you like most about UMBC?

I like the various and bountiful assistance and programs UMBC offers

to its students and alumni. Ranging from an in-depth employment

database to mock interview trials in the Career Services Center, UMBC

possesses the will to make its students of the past, present and

future successful.


What activities do you participate in on campus?

I have not really been able to participate in much being a commuter

student at UMBC, but I have utilized the Career Services Center

heavily and I do frequent the RAC often to play basketball.


Who is the celebrity you would like to meet; what would you do with him/her?

I would want to meet Kanye West, not just because he is so outspoken

against authority, but also because I want to perfect my craft as a

music producer and I know he would offer a wealth of advice.


What is/are your favorite thing(s) to do outside of UMBC?

Outside of UMBC, I manage a small music group focused on producing

mainstream hip-hop. Other than that, I am earning clean money wherever

I can.


Where do you want to spend your next vacation?

My next vacation on the East Coast will probably be renting out a

condo in Ocean City with some friends during Spring break or during

the summertime.


What is your favorite genre of television (comedy, competition,

reality, etc.) and why?

My favorite genre of television is probably reality because the

personalities are not created. The people who join the shows are

usually non-actors displaying organic behavior. Most of it is not

entirely reality with the scenarios oftentimes directed according to

what will produce ratings, but some shows do stay relatively true to


What kind of music do you like?

I like some of just about every genre, but I favor hip-hop the most

mainly because I think it is the most versatile with crossing over to

different genres.


If you met Dr. Hrabowski (UMBC President), what would you say to him?

If I met Dr. Hrabowski, I would ask him the steps he took to become

the UMBC President. I am a person who is always looking to climb the

corporate ladder in any discipline, whether it be a college, hospital,

etc., and I imagine becoming a president is an arduous task, so

learning from him ahead of time would help.