Virgo- This week will be a dizzying flurry of activity. Organization will be key.

Libra- You will soon meet a mysterious and attractive stranger.

Scorpio- A burst of creativity will overtake you this week. Create something amazing!

Sagittarius- You will face adversity this week. Persevere and you will succeed!

Capricorn- The person you’ve been seeking has been in front of you the whole time.

Aquarius- It’s time to switch up your style. Try out a new signature look!

Pisces- Try some unusual foods this week. You’ll discover a new favorite!

Aries- Someone who will become very important to you will walk into your life this week.

Taurus- You are about to come into a small amount of money.

Gemini- Look around. You are surrounded by people who care about you!

Cancer- Be cautious with your finances this week. Good decisions now will reward you later.

Leo- Try to make some new friends. Connections you make this week will be vital.