Shuttle Service to Downtown Baltimore

Two new shuttle routes starting up on the UMBC Campus

Brittney Kramer

Contributing Writer

Downtown Baltimore is now at UMBC’s doorstep with two new shuttle routes being introduced this Fall. These shuttles will both run from UMBC and connect the campus to the University of Maryland – Baltimore campus as well as other downtown areas.

This service will be free for any person with a valid UMBC student ID.

“Annual ridership surveys, as well as the recent all-campus survey showed a strong community desire for a downtown route,” said Joseph Regier, Executive Director for The Commons & UMBC Transit.

“The academic connections currently underway and the anticipated future humanities offering for UMB students here at UMBC also prompted the decision,” said Regier. “Easier access to UMB is also necessary due to a new resident population utilizing their available housing.”

Overall, these shuttle routes will make it easier for both UMB and UMBC students to travel between the two campuses, as well as giving UMBC students access to the culture and entertainment found in downtown Baltimore.

Having two routes is a way to ensure that students will easily be able to travel when needed and hopefully avoid traffic delays. “The two routes were created to avoid traffic congestion during peak hours,” Reiger said.

The Downtown A Line starts at 7:30 a.m. at Commons Dr. & Park Rd., and the final stop is at 6:53 p.m. at Park Rd. & Poplar Ave. It has 12 stops, making a loop from the campus to downtown.

Likewise, the Downtown B Line also forms a loop that has its first and last stop at the same places as the A Line, but has different stops in the Downtown Area. This route starts at 11:30 a.m., and the final stop is made at 11:12 p.m.

For more information on the routes, their stops and times one can go to the UMBC transit website. These two routes will also be available on the UMBC Transit Tracker, which shows real-time location of UMBC shuttle buses.

“The main focus for UMBC Transit is to provide students with safe, accessible and green transportation options,” said Reiger. Both of these routes are currently running and available to any student who is a part of the UMBC community.