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2.Mato Today, Improvement Tomorrow

2.Mato improves its product and sets a higher standard for the remainder of Commons outlets

By Holly Vogtman

Staff Writer

 The rebranding of Italian dining from Famiglia’s into 2.mato in the Commons has sparked an increase in quality, but other food stations are still lacking.

This fall semester, students of UMBC saw a change in the Commons, as the Italian dining station of Famiglia’s had a retail change and was transformed into what is now 2.Mato.

2.Mato offers similar cuisine to Famiglia’s through its calzones and pizza, but has implemented the pasta station, where students can create their own pasta bowl with a variety of vegetable, meat and sauce toppings.

However, this retail change and addition of a pasta station has not completely improved the quality of food and experience for the students of UMBC.

For example, 2.Mato’s meal deals could be more helpful to students, as calzones are not included in a meal, and carry over into flex dollars. Famiglia’s only offered their strombolis as a part of a meal plan during one week in the semester.

However, Jessica Escobar, the UMBC Director of Retail Operations said, “The strombolis and calzones are much more labor intensive and include more ingredients per  portion than a slice of pizza. We will be able to work in some special meal deals in the spring promotions.”

Escobar also mentioned that the sign for the meal deals regarding two slices of pepperoni pizza as part of the meal deal was missed earlier, but has since been fixed.

2.Mato’s quality in pizza has also appeared to have improved as it is less greasy, has a generous ratio of cheese to sauce and a thicker crust. But, its menu advertises desserts like cannolis, but they are no where to be found at the station.

When asked if 2.Mato had improved, senior Chemistry major, Eric Wolfson said, “Yes it definitely improved, but it would be nice if they got desserts like they say they have.”

Regarding other food outlets of the Commons, Wolfson said, “I like the taste of everything, but not the way they prepare it like the small amount of sauce on meatball subs from Mondo’s.”

Virginia Medina, the main retail manager of the Commons said, “I’ve definitely seen improvements with 2.Mato with the interaction at the pasta station. The favorability factor is much higher.”

While 2.Mato has made many improvements in the quality and versatility of their cuisine, other food outlets in the Commons continue to decline in quality and service of their product.

With many of the other Commons food options, students can expect poor customer service, long lines and very limited meal plan options.

Another issue the Commons faces is the quality of service. Some of the workers at the Commons’ food outlets are rude to students while taking their orders, and are unhelpful in making the dining experience as positive as possible.

Although the Commons still has issues regarding some of the food outlets and quality of service, 2.Mato shows signs of improvement and gives hope for the future of food retail at UMBC.

As Medina said, “There’s always room for improvement.” Hopefully other Commons outlets will follow in the footsteps of 2.Mato and improve their product and quality of service.