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A spooky way to have a good time

The second annual Boo Bash was such a hit, it was scary

Jamie Heathcote

Contributing Writer

Trick-or-treating is one of many Halloween traditions, and the Boo Bash is sure to become a memorable tradition here at UMBC. The pre-Halloween party is a chance to celebrate in a safe and welcoming environment.

It’s that time of the year again when the leaves coat the ground and the weather gets a bit chillier. Of course, for many people, the month of October screams Halloween: a beloved holiday many associate with candy-induced sugar comas, slasher films and costumes of all kinds.

The evening before this notorious night of mischief was UMBC’s Boo Bash, hosted by the Commons Gameroom, the Student Events Board (seb) and University Health Services. Pritma Irizarry, the Health Education Coordinator, mentioned that her goal was to simply provide students with a fun and safe alternative Halloween party.

“Since many students will most likely be partying for this occasion, we wanted to offer them a safer Halloween while reminding them of healthy and responsible practices before they go out and celebrate,” said Irizarry. Considering the fact that this year’s Halloween fell on a Friday, it’s safe to assume that many students planned to go out and have a good time.

At the event, the décor was certainly Halloween-themed with orange and black balloons, fake spiders clinging to the walls and glow-in-the-dark pool tables. The wooden floor was made into a large dance floor, which was rarely empty throughout the night.

UMBC alumnus and magician Peter Wood was the star performer of the night who managed to attract a large crowd. “I didn’t perform at the last [Boo Bash], but I have performed in the Sports Zone before,” said Wood. Today, he is a full-time entertainer and performs at a wide range of parties, events and festivals.

In conjunction with this pre-Halloween extravaganza was a community service project, which encouraged attendees to bring in toiletries for a women’s shelter. During the party, participants were given a bonus raffle ticket for every item they donated.

As anyone could imagine, there was also a costume contest. The three categories were Best Horror Costume, Best Celebrity/Video Game Character Costume and Best Fantasy Costume. Within each of these categories, first, second and third place winners were determined.

The first place winner for the Best Fantasy Costume was the popular video game character, Professor Layton. A headless man costume was granted the first place spot as the Best Horror Costume. Lastly, the Best Celebrity/Video Game Character Costume was an elaborate representation of the fictional Metal Gear character, Solid Snake.

As a safe way to share the spirit of Halloween, the Boo Bash is sure to return for years to follow. Creating an ideal alternative Halloween party is just what the organizations behind the planning of this event strived for and accomplished.