Virgo- You’ll get a bad feeling when all your professor has to say about your presentation is that she liked the pictures.

Libra- Things will become increasingly awkward for both of you when you continue to run into the same squirrel all over campus.

Scorpio- You’ll make new friends when you encourage everyone in the RLC to loosen up by playing that Taylor Swift song as loud as you can.

Sagittarius- You’re really going to get along with your roommate’s friends this week, which will make it even worse when she drives them away.

Capricorn- You’ll continue acing your exams and papers with the help of that pen you took from the graveyard, but you won’t be able to shake the feeling that someone is watching you.

Aquarius- You’ll further define your unique writing style as you type and delete, type and delete, type and delete, the same phrase over and over again.

Pisces- Don’t get hung up on what you see in the mirror; other people can also provide valuable feedback regarding your insecurities.

Aries- This week you’ll learn that a group of crows is called a murder, but that still won’t help you understand why there’s a murder of crows following you around.

Taurus- You may lose a few acquaintances, but a series of poorly timed farts will gain you your freedom.

Gemini- You’re going to take indecisive to the next level.

Cancer- Your choice to put googly eyes on everything you own will seem peculiar to some, but at least Mr. Backpack and Mr. Textbook won’t judge you.

Leo- Your plan to keep adding minors until you feel secure in your future is a bold one, and can’t possibly backfire.