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The party don’t start ‘til she gets here

Quadmania artist is finally announced to students

The student events board revealed who the Quadmania artist will be this spring and students are responding with mixed emotions.

The big reveal has finally happened. On Monday, March 2 at 12:30 p.m., the Student Events Board dropped a banner from the second floor of The Commons above Main Street. Kesha’s face was revealed to a crowd of students with phones poised to capture the moment. After some cheers and applause, the students quickly dispersed with their free “Art Week 2015” t-shirts in hand.

Now the word is out that Kesha will be coming to Quadmania this spring, and the student response has been varied. Jessie Link, a freshman psychology major, and Catherine Chao, a freshman biology major, were present for the big announcement.

“I came out of my room specifically for this event,” said Chao. “It was awesome.” The event in question lasted a total of ten minutes. Before the reveal, students gathered in front of the bookstore, glancing at the tables with booklets and pins advertising Art Week 2015. A line formed where an (seb) member began handing out free t-shirts.

When (seb) took to the second floor, all speculation about the mystery artist dwindled as focus shifted upward. After an enthusiastic New Years-like countdown, the wait was over. A mixture of excitement and discontent trickled through the crowd as students left to carry on with their daily routines.

Ian Meng, a junior information systems major, did not attend the big reveal so he did not hear the decision until later on. He said, “Kesha’s going to be at Quadmania? That’s pretty cool. I always wondered how big artists come to this campus.”

According to (seb), discussion took place over winter break to determine which artists were popular. During Involvement Fest, a “Who do you listen to?” poster board was available on which students could place stickers on different artists’ pictures. Paramore, Big Sean, Jason Derulo and Kesha were among the options. (seb) explained this was meant to gauge campus interest, not to serve as an official poll.

Jason Chen, a sophomore information systems major, has not attended Quadmania events in the past and has not yet decided if he will make an appearance this spring either.

“I’m actually surprised she’s coming to UMBC,” he said. “I like her music, but I wouldn’t go just for her.”

Some students’ decision to attend this year may have been influenced by the selected artist. This is particularly true for Matt Massimilla, a senior computer engineering major. He said, “I’m actually not sure if I’m going. On one hand, it will probably be a fun time, but on the other she’s not that great of a singer. I would’ve rather had Paramore.”


Photo credit: Ashley Parks