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Clouds and students cover the quad

Quadmania attracted a significant turnout of students despite gloomy weather

Despite a gloomy forecast, students still enjoyed the rides and games at this year’s Quadmania festival.

A mixture of screaming and laughter echoed across the quad, mingling with the hum of generators and the screech of brakes from the carnival ride called “Ring of Fire.” A blend of food scents and gasoline permeated the air where food trucks sat beside the academic services building. Students zig-zagged through each other with painted faces or inflatable donuts hanging around their necks. Quadmania was happening once again.

This year’s Quadmania festival was held on Saturday, April 25 from 1 to 9 p.m. Despite the overcast skies and the persistent wind chill, students were conversing and laughing as they moved through the maze of carnival games, rides and activities.

“That’s my favorite,” said junior information systems major Lizzie Reyes, as she pointed to the jumping area known as “Extreme Air.” Here, students could be strapped into a harness, which was suspended above an inflatable rubber platform. For several minutes, they were permitted to jump and flip themselves in the air as much as they wished.

A few carnival-style games sat in one corner of the quad, offering tickets to those who participated. The occasional clang of a bell marked the success of those students strong enough to launch the weighted ringer high enough with their giant hammer. They were awarded tickets for their effort.

Reyes described her disappointment with the number of tickets required for prizes. She mentioned that the smallest prizes were worth at least 30 tickets. She said, “It takes a lot to get that many.”

Wisps of pink fluff danced in the air and clung to the shirts and faces of (seb) members handing out free cotton candy and popcorn on the terrace. Wads of the pink candy were dumped into plastic bags and handed off to those waiting in line.

Aaiz Ahmed, a junior computer science major, took advantage of the free popcorn. He stood at the bottom of the terrace, munching and reminiscing about last year’s sunny weather. He looked across the quad and said, “I like what they have done with the rides and the games.”

It was a first time experience at Quadmania for several students, like sophomore chemical engineering major Sarah Kim. She said, “I think it’s really well planned out, and it was really well advertised.” She felt that a lot of people had turned out for this event and she would like to come again to future Quadmania festivals. Her only disappointment was with the food trucks. She said, “I wish that the food was free.”