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PC Kristina Soetje

Some laughed, some cried: How the talent show brought art to life

Walking to and from classes every day, one does not often think about the hidden talents that all the different students around campus possess. Yet, the annual homecoming talent show, hosted by the Student Events Board, allowed these cloaked talents to come to light.

With a multitude of balloons, red and purple mood lighting and a slight mist filling the air, the scene was set for what would end up being a killer talent show. Many friends and family members came out to cheer for their favorite acts.  There were all sorts of different talents displayed at the show, including powerful and moving musical acts, thought-provoking speeches on faith and religion, spoken word performances and rapping and even talent involving yo-yos.

“I came to the talent show because we get to see students in a new light,” said Toby Ezekwenna, a senior computer science major. “I wanted to come see the new talent and new people, especially since it’s my last year here. We get to see students outside of their normal study environment. We see another side of them. ” he said.

The audience was a huge part in the show’s success and high energy. Taylor Dodson, a senior health administration and public policy major and a member of the female a cappella group, the Stilettos, said, “I love how supportive and amazing the crowd is. They recognize the diversity of all the performances and how every performance is special.”

Dodson described how the energy from the crowd helped performers and artists such as her convey meaning in what they were performing. “Our goal is to provide the campus with amazing entertainment that portrays women empowerment and togetherness, and a crowd as energetic and supportive as this one helps to bring out this deeper meaning,” she said.

The audience’s effect extended to outside performers as well. Emma Paulines, a freshman pre-nursing major, described the talent show experience as eye-opening. “Everyone was very energetic and lively,” said Paulines. “It resonated with both myself and everyone else, so once one person got into the performance, this feeling spread.”

Paulines found the crowd not only energizing, but also inspiring. “With a crowd as supportive as this, I feel that I could get on stage and show people my talent, which I may do,” said Paulines. Perhaps Paulines will be one of the talents we hear singing up on stage next time.