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A Perfect Marriage: The All-Star Game and Sneakers

The NBA All-Star Game has historically been a great place to display the newest sneakers for their audience. The All-Star Game has high viewership and is an exciting game between the best of the best. It also happens to be the perfect place to make a live-action commercial to sell the latest and greatest in footwear. From Jordan to Kobe to LeBron to the next era’s shoelebrities, this event will always be a classic. Here are my top five favorite shoes that were worn in the NBA’s all-star game.

  1. Nike Foamposite “Galaxy”: The Galaxy Foams were first worn on court by Penny Hardaway during the 2012 Celebrity Game and then by Rajon Rondo during the 2012 All-Star game. When they released, they were one of the most hyped shoes in history. After retailing for $220, the shoes resold for astronomical prices. Some resold for over $3,000 and one man even traded his car for a pair. The glow in the dark sole and the excellent display of outer space on the upper of the shoe are landmarks in sneaker history.
  2. Air Jordan 11 “Columbia”: Michael Jordan’s first All-Star performance after his mid-90s retirement was amazing, to say the least. The list of historic players, the jerseys, and last but not least: Michael Jordan’s all-white 11s. These shoes were not particularly hyped at the time of release, but the 2001 and 2015 remakes were instant classics. Despite the minimalist intent of an all-white shoe, this particular one hearkened back to Jordan’s days at North Carolina, rather than his other all-star shoes, which were in the Chicago Bulls’ black and red colorway. These shoes released in 1996, 2001, and in 2014.
  3. Nike KD 4 “Galaxy”: The 2012 NBA All-Star game had yet another banger: the Galaxy KD 4s. The low-top design with the strap, the excellent use of 3M, the glow in the dark sole and the excellent contrast of color have certainly cemented the Galaxy KD 4 as a classic in my mind. These shoes are currently being resold for around $300, a hefty price.
  4. Reebok Shaqnosis: This is yet another shoe from the 1996 All-Star game. Shaq’s most popular signature shoe dazzled on the floor. The mesmerizing effect of the layering and, of course, being worn by the Diesel, the Shaqtus, the Big Aristotle, Mr. Wilt Chamberneezy himself, made this shoe a classic in my eyes. Luckily, these Reebok classics rereleased in late 2013 and are a sneakerhead staple.
  5. FILA Grant Hill II “Navy”: The Grant Hill’s will always have a spot in my heart. They were the first shoes I ever wore, and the first shoe I ever bought for my mother. While the pair that Grant Hill wore in the star-studded 1996 All-Star game did not release to the public, they did release in the winter of 2013, much to my delight. I love the shoe because it has a simple design and is from a company that many aren’t familiar with, despite their mid-90’s popularity.