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For Black History Month, “School Daze” teaches and entertains

Black History Month may be coming to an end, but the Mosaic and Interfaith Center are working to make sure it goes out with a bang, to keep the student body abreast of African American cultural activities. On Thursday Feb. 18, the Mosaic Center held a “film festival” for the screening of “School Daze” in the Albin O. Kuhn Library.

“School Daze” was written by Spike Lee in 1988. The comedy musical focuses on a group of African American students at a fictional college on Southern U.S. terrain, who battled with various issues regarding Greek and campus life.

The faculty of the Mosaic Center selected this film. Although the movie is a bit dated, the events taking place throughout the movie are still common on college campuses today.

The Center’s goal is to bring people together from different communities and backgrounds. Culture, diversity and worship are also a few of the centers main focuses. Krutika Karveershettar, the Graduate Coordinator for Cultural Programs, explained the relevance of the film in regards to students, faculty and campus life.

“We’re aiming for an international crowd so that everyone can be exposed to all issues, whether they’re Asian or African students,” said Karveershettar.

The screening was a success, but the crowd it drew less so. Though some regular library visitors attended, the turnout for the film was not as high as expected.

Following the film, Karveershetter held a small discussion based on some of the similarities and differences between the depictions of college within the film, versus college life in reality. She explained how there are a few similarities, but things do seem to be a bit more different today.

Other staff working under the Mosaic Center, including Lisa Gray, the Assistant Director of Student Life and Joe Levin-Manning, the Graduate Coordinator for LGBTQ programs, helped make the event a success with snacks and refreshments.

Although the screening didn’t get the expected amount of participants, the Mosaic Center is expecting more students to come out to future events during Women’s History Month. All events involving Women’s History Month will take place in the same room as the screening. Following Women’s History Month will be Asian Pacific History Month.

According to Kareveershetter, the center has a goal of “working to bring people together and communicate” and every effort that the center makes with their screenings brings them and us, closer to their goal.