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Janet Jackson starts a family, but hurts her fans

It’s been twelve years since she has released an album and six years since she has gone on tour. Recently, Janet Jackson announced to fans that she was canceling her tour to start a family with her now-husband Wissam al-Mana. Janet Jackson had scheduled over 50 shows all across America and managed to sell out at every show, only to cancel all of them to say she wants to have a baby.

To fans it was quite surprising that Janet Jackson decided to cancel her tour. Creatively, “Unbreakable” is probably one of her best albums. Jackson was honest and truthful, and the evolution of her art was beautiful and unique, which made it one of her most successful albums to date. Many were looking forward to seeing Janet Jackson back on stage with new dance routines, and costumes, singing her new singles along with classics like “That’s the way love goes” and “Together Again.” Fans paid up to $1000 to have front row seats and have the opportunity to meet the songstress, only for it to be canceled. Probably the worst part of this entire situation is that Jackson is not planning on giving any refunds.

For many years the Jackson family has been crumbling, since the death of the family’s most prominent member, Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s physician Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson attempted to commit suicide, and Jermaine Jackson has had martial problems that were very much in the public light. In the past seven years, the Jackson family has been through a traumatizing time, for all members of their family. During that time, Janet Jackson fell out of the public eye to handle her family’s issues, which is completely understandable. Yet the Jackson family has continued to stay strong and fight against public degradation.

But in the past two years, it could have been assumed that the family was finally getting on the right path, Janet Jackson included. When Janet Jackson recently got married and released her album, she had full-fledged support from her family including her new husband. Her upcoming tour was supposed to launch her into a new chapter of her career. Whether Janet Jackson once again has immediate family or marriage issues,  I hope Jackson will resolve these issues so she can get back on the road, so she can still have fans, and listeners.