the absence of sentiment

the absence of sentiment

It started out with a day.

Days turned into weeks.

Weeks turned into months

Months turned into years.

This is how long it’s been since I spoke to you.

Since I held you.

Since I felt for you.

Since you were mine, and I was yours.

I can’t quite pinpoint where it all went wrong.

Whether it was I said, what you did

What we did that ended what we had.

I keep searching for answers

I comb through my mind, through our conversations, through everything

To see where exactly shit hit the fan

But I can’t quite find it.

Perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be

Maybe there was no wrong or right because there was to be nothing

There was to be no you and I but we went against the grain

We went against fate and we tried anyways and clearly like the universe planned despite our ignorance we failed.

I stopped looking for you

And thinking about you

I stopped thinking about where it went wrong

I stopped crying and wishing I was back in your arms because to do so would hurt me even more

I know you moved on.

I must now do the same, too.