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LIVE on Skype with Cam Girl Roxxy Sweet

This week I interview camgirl Roxxy Sweet from xHamster’s because let’s face it, honestly you’ll never meet anyone in real life — especially that cute girl you sit next to in class. All joking aside, Roxxy opened my eyes to a side of the adult entertainment industry that I was not aware of and greatly humanized a job that most people consider not far from a sex worker. Her journey, her experiences and her attitude towards her profession as well as how far she has come amazed me and made for a great chat.

What initially got you into the adult entertainment industry?  

Well, how can we start? I started like three years ago (she’s 25 now) and I was at university and I just got kicked out of the apartment where I used to live. That was actually the easiest way I found in that moment to survive.

Where are you working now?  

Stripchat. I work for Stripchat which is the livecam section of xHamster.

Do you enjoy the work that you do for them?

Oh I love the work that I am doing for them. It is actually more like a hobby for me!

What is the best experience that you have had working for them?

I have met a lot great people. I have met — I don’t know how to say — people that were willing to help me without even knowing me and just talk. Not all the people that you find on these websites are a bunch of assholes actually trying to get you naked. Most of them, some of them are actually amazing people and I can say that they changed my life.

On the flip side of that, what is the worst experience that you have had while working?

The worst experience I got was when a user actually fell in love and tried to shoot me in my head in front of my parents. He knew my real address, he knew my parents’ address and he knew all my personal dates.

Did that not deter you from doing what you do?

I was depressed for a while and I got very scared. I was afraid to go out of the apartment, but in the end I think that it actually made me stronger.

How do you deal with people that may look down at people who do what you do and those who participate in it?

Not a lot of my friends actually know what I’m doing so I have been keeping this as my little secret. I know especially in Romania they are very “old school” so I’ve been keeping this as a secret from all my friends except from my sister who has actually supported me. I got support from my sister but from the rest I was very quiet with it.

You are a “cam model” and I’m sure you see a number of crazy things. What is the most surprising thing that you have seen while working?

As a cam model you see a lot of things. I’m not saying that this was a bad surprise but it was an experience. One time I had a private with a couple and they were telling me that whatever I would like them to do, they would do. Whatever I told them to do they were doing – no limits. This was not a bad surprise, it was more interesting but that was the most interesting adventure I had on cams.

In today’s society foot fetishes, BDSM and other kinks are often treated as taboo and not accepted. Do you ever see things like this being accepted in mainstream society?

I don’t really have a problem with foot fetishes, BDSM or things like this. I’m not saying that I would do them. I’m never going to judge somebody because, well I am who I am but I do not have these. To people who do not have these they may be more…weird. To people who have these (laughs) I don’t know how to explain it. I am not judging again, but I cannot say I fully understand. I’ve seen it, I’ve dealt with it and I’ve had a lot of people asking me to show them my feet or things like this but I can’t say I fully understand. I don’t think [society] will [accept these things as normal] because the world is full of judgmental opinions and they kind of like to speak a lot about other people and what they are doing so I don’t think this will be fully accepted.

Not saying that I think lowly of what you do but is there ever any time you feel ashamed of the work that you do, or are you proud of your profession?

There are two parts to the coin. In the beginning when I started, I was extremely ashamed because I come from a very old school family. In the end I realized I did something for myself. I didn’t wait to starve or to live in the street or even worse to become a prostitute. In my whole life as a cam model I have only been with one man. I am actually very old school.  I am proud of me and you know why? Because I have been able to maintain my morality in a very high level despite my job. I just showed my body in front of a webcam and I consider this to be erotic.

What is your opinion on men and women becoming addicted to pornography – something that is becoming a bigger problem in today’s society?

Well, I don’t know exactly how to say because I am a woman and I enjoy pornography. I don’t know but I think it may have an effect someway somehow in the future. The real couples, the real live sex. Right now I think we are still in normal standards because me as a woman I watch porn, I enjoy porn why not? It is still a curiosity for every human being.

Do you feel that doing work in the adult entertainment industry is empowering? What is your opinion on females and having a positive body image?

Yes, actually here I can agree. Before I started this job and to get naked in front of other people I had a very low self esteem. I really wouldn’t see myself as a beautiful or attractive woman in any way, but since I started to do this and get naked I have begun to receive all sorts of compliments and something grew inside me and I feel much much better about my body — the way I look, the way I talk. I think in some way it is kind of empowering you as a woman.

You said you were hired as a community manager. Do you think there is room for advancement in your field of work – most people would probably assume not.

For me it was a surprise when they announced this job. I was thinking it was okay to move outside of Romania. This [Cyprus] is actually the first country I visited. I thought it was time for a change so I applied for the job and they hired me immediately because on xHamster I won 17 monthly contests in two years of working. So they hired me immediately and I can say that I really love my job – it is something that I really wanted to do.

What does your community manager position entail?

Well as a community manager I take care of the models, I watch closely the problems they may need handled. For example I can help them solve any kind of harassment because I am a cam model and I know what harassment means – especially online bullying, this is the worst thing that can happen to you. I help them with payment issues if there are any, I give them advice on how to make things better for them, how to move in front of the camera and help them if they need it.

Where can readers that are interested in finding more about you find you online?

Right now they can find me on (a partner site of