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Regina Spektor brings back her feel good music for fans

Many people, upon hearing the name Regina Spektor, do not know who the songstress is. For audiences familiar with “Orange is the New Black,” Spektor is famous for providing the opening song for the credits of the show. This indie pop singer is back with her new album, “Remember Us to Life.” In this new album, she does not fail fans with her feel good music that comes with her bubbly voice.

The album opens up with “Bleeding Heart,” an ode to anyone who has had their heart broken. This encouragement to pick yourself up flows quite well with Spektor’s simile lyrics. Her light drumming and electric keyboard background creates the ethereal and comforting vibe that Spektor is known for. As the track continues to mellow on, the song has a rock ‘n’ roll ending that makes Spektor’s vocals sounds quite similar to Karen O’s of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

It is inevitable that you will grow old and Spektor will not let you forget that in “Older and Taller.” The is a reminder to fans to enjoy their youth and not try to rush through life. Spektor sings about her own personal experiences with growing older, bringing a more humanistic approach to aging. 

Most of the songs off her album will be correlated with soft pop. However, Spektor changes this up with “Small Bill$.” She creates a picture for listeners as if they were in a boxing club for singers. She changes up her vocals with more upbeat and hip-hop oriented beats. In the chorus, her echoes truly set up this vibe for listeners. You will feel like you are at the boxing ring of artists with Spektor.

“The Light” is a message to Spektor’s young son. It is a love song to remind her son that he should be hopeful no matter what because the sun will always rise in the morning. This is an absolute feel good song. Spektor reminds listeners that when the sun shines in our eyes, everything will be okay.

In 2016, the world has become ever more complex with racial tensions and the lack of job opportunities for millennials. In “The Trapper and the Furrier,” Spektor’s soprano background critiques “the strange world we live in.” Her story will transform listeners into a scene where the listener experiences the tension with her. Her tense vocals, with the simultaneous violin and cello background, create a transforming scene. Spektor critiques the state of the world for the mass production and tensions within it. Whether you agree with Spektor or not, her music is something all listeners can connect with.

No matter if you’re happy or sad, Regina Spektor has got your back. Her words of encouragement will reassure you and help you get through any tough times. Her relatability and quirkiness alongside her classical background will be a fit for anyone who is a sucker for soft pop similar to Ingrid Michaelson and She and Him.



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