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Photo Courtesy of Fox Studios

Tim Burton brings back his signature peculiarity

Any book turned into a movie always makes a fan wary about how a director may or may not ruin their favorite book. This is especially true for a novel as aesthetically pleasing as “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs. In Tim Burton’s adaptation, he brings all the fantasies and imagination to life while still providing an excellent narrative that is engaging to viewers.

The story details how a young boy, Jack (Asa Butterfield), travels to Wales to visit the children’s home that his grandfather grew up in. After hearing about the home from his grandfather for many years, he had been told about all the children that lived there with peculiarities enabling them to do magical things.

Once Jack visits the home, he is transferred from the year 2016 to 1943 and all the stories that his grandfather had told him become a reality. Jack meets all the children that his grandfather grew up with, while learning all about the peculiarities Jack holds himself. In the end, his peculiarities help protect his new friends against the enemies that  hunt the children with peculiarities.

It still is amazing in 2016 how technology can bring words and imaginations to life. The book provides readers with a sense of imagination of how Miss Peregrine’s home looked and the time period of when this was occurring. Burton effectively brings these visualizations to life.

The colorful images and sets that he has designed throughout the film are a dream come true for any viewer. Often times, directors will use too many CGI effects that result in scenes that obviously look fake. But, Tim Burton effectively uses these effects throughout the film, almost making it seem that everything you see is real and that you too are part of the film.

Tim Burton’s films are often associated with darkness and a 90s emo aesthetic, but Tim Burton tailors this film to suit all audiences. Throughout the film, there are quite humorous scenes that often break the intensity. There are scenes that will put you on the edge of your seat, all the while still reminding you that this is a children’s movie.

The characters each have  humanistic qualities that are relatable on many levels. During the movie, viewers will find themselves taking sides of the characters that they love and dislike. Throughout the entire movie, you will be on a journey with them, following on their various adventures. Tim Burton does these characters justice in the movie, providing viewers an unforgettable experience.

In recent years, Tim Burton has put out movies that were truly lackluster, and failed to captivate any attention. But in this year’s adaptation of “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,” he does every aspect of this book justice in his film. He provides a variation of fear and humor throughout the film while providing relatable characters that you will enjoy the entire way through.