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Photo Courtesy of Philip Nelson ( via Creative Commons

Lady Gaga moves on from cliche pop

Lady Gaga has been most famously noted for her zany pop and out of this world outfits that have made her an icon. Since her 2013 album “Artpop,” Gaga has moved on from this cliche and has matured her craft with her most recent album “Joanne.” Gaga channels her spirituality and passion with her music, creating compositions, ranging from country to RnB, that truly encapsulate the talent and excellence of her most recent album.

She opens up her masterpiece with “Diamond Heart,” which mixes acoustic guitar and fast-paced drumming, starts as a country piece but soon turns pop. The catchy chorus drops at the most perfect time in the song, making the transition smooth. The strength of Gaga’s vocals and rock background are a great way to start her album and gives listeners a positive taste to progress through the album.

If “A-Yo” had to be categorized, it would be country-rock. Throughout this song, Gaga drags out her vocals to be synchronized to the fast paced rock beats of her guitar. This track is perfect if you are having a night out at a local bar.

In “Joanne,” Gaga channels Dolly Parton during the early stages of her career. The song provides an intimate setting for this track to be played. This personal ode to her aunt who had passed away before Gaga was born touches listeners personally whether or not they have dealt with a personal loss. Her vocals weave smoothly throughout the song, providing a beautiful chorus that is the most noteworthy part.

Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine opens a new chapter for both artists in the RnB-rooted song. The song is conversational as if both artists are discussing love with one another. Though both singers rip each other over the loss of their love, Gaga and Welch make it easy to sing and dance to this song.

Death and transition could be described as the main topic of this album, especially for “Angel Down.” The organ background and Gaga’s references to angels provides a whimsical background and a sense of sadness in this song. Gaga discusses the death of her aunt further as the angel who was shot down due to her death. Usually, Gaga hardly discusses spirituality in her music. But this is the first time, as listeners we are seeing Gaga in a new light.

“Joanne” is one of Gaga’s best works yet. This album shows her versatility as an artist as she experiments with many different genres. Her range of vocals and choruses show her maturity as an artist and they humanize her when discussing death and spirituality. Every minute of listening to this hour-long album is truly worth it.