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The Naked and Famous still manage to capture audiences

When you hear The Naked and Famous’s “Young Blood,” you will easily recognize this track from various commercials and notable love scenes. Since 2010, this band has continued to make headway with catchy indie music that still top charts. Recently, they released their new album “Simple Forms” and have gone on tour to promote the album. At Rams Head Live they came and performed their new album for fans, while integrating various multimedia outlets.

The performance began with “My Energy,” a mellow track that set the stage for the tranquil and intimate setting that would continue throughout the concert. With an electronic backdrop and the intense red lighting, drew in the audience.

The aesthetic of the performance was quite simple, which strays from other bands that tend towards more over-the-top performances. Though the multimedia imaging was made up of various colored lighting, it was effective in creating an intimate space that could easily be interpreted.

The most notable track performed during the concert was “Higher.” The catchy chorus, mixed with the strobe-lit setting provided fans with an energetic, festival-like setting. With the vocals of the lead singer combined with a classical background, the track was interestingly performed in exactly the same manner as it was performed in the album. Though, it would have been interesting to see a new variation for this performance.

The Naked and Famous were very interactive with the audience, tailoring the concert experience more towards them. It was refreshing for the audience to feel part of the experience, rather than just being spectators.

It would, of course, be a disappointing performance if they did not perform their most famous track. “Young Blood” was easily the most well-received track during the concert. The audience swayed and sang alongside the lead singer, while the drummer and bassist head banged away. Even after six years, their track still is heartwarming and exciting for audiences to see.

The Naked and Famous may not be the most notable band in alternative music today, but their performances are truly unique. Consistently throughout their performance, the band catered to the audience. From the lighting to the music, to the face-to-face interaction with the band, the audience was actively included in the entire event.