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Rutkovitz says that the fashion and the environment of A Style Studio is due to all of her female employees. Photo by Amber Turkin.

A Style Studio reopens, offers everything from casual to cute

Going out in Baltimore is often like going to a runway show. It is in some ways more exciting to go to Fell’s Point and see what everyone is wearing than to go to Fell’s Point for cocktails or a haunted ghost tour (which are also totally valid reasons to go out in the city because who does not love Natty Boh or pretending to see the ghost of a sailor?).

If you are looking to be part of the weekend fashion inspiration in the city, Baltimore’s newest boutique, A Style Studio, is the place to go for an outfit. The shop just celebrated their grand re-opening in Pikesville, which is just a short drive from the city itself.

Stocked with cake pops, champagne gummy bears and cotton candy, the boutique’s re-opening party was nothing less than a good time.

A Style Studio has the cutest tops – from a casual Free People flannel to a risqué black turtleneck with an open back (which I shamelessly bought and wear backwards to show off that chest – work it girls!).

Additionally, A Style offers their unique make-up collection, Alexandra Cosmetics. At their party, guests were given a free lipstick personally picked out for their look by professional make-up artists. Pro-tip: if you do not actually know how to do your make-up, impress professionals by using the word “rouge” for blush and also by admitting you use coconut oil to remove your mascara.

The lipstick at A Style is amazing. It’s soft and shiny and lasts for hours – so long as you do not kiss any weird, undeserving men, or women, while wearing it, in which case your lipstick and your dignity both dissipate. Life hack: if your lipstick comes off while giving a dog a kiss on the head, it is totally acceptable.

But wait! A Style Studio not only has makeup and clothes, but accessories too. Pick up a new pair of mules or teardrop earrings to finish off your look. Teardrop earrings make a great addition to real life tears as you stress over upcoming exams; at least you will be stylish when you submit your first draft as your final paper.

A Style Studio is a family-run business, operated and owned by women who have surpassed the difficulties of running a business in a male-dominated work force. During their opening party, the woman who opened the shop in 2009, Lauren Rutkovitz, boasted about her appreciation for her daughter and her female employees.

The motto on their website asserts, “Reaching more women, and working with them personally, to help learn what clothes, makeup, and accessories flatter most is what A Style Studio is all about. This store appeals to women of all ages, offering chic and casual looks that are both timeless and hip. A Style Studio offers ‘real clothes for real women.’”

So the next time you are pressed about finding a good look for a family get together or an awkward Tinder date, make sure to stop by A Style Studio and pick up some (alcohol-free) champagne gummy bears to hide in your purse.