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Freshman guard Natalia Louhisdon begins her collegiate basketball career on Friday, Nov. 10 at Fordham University. Courtesy of UMBC Athletics.

Chattin’ with: Natalia Louhisdon of Women’s Basketball

As basketball season approaches the woman’s basketball team is finishing up with pre-season training and gearing down for what they hope will be a successful season. Here’s what freshman guard Natalia Louhisdon had to say in response to our Q&A this past weekend.

What are your goals as a team this year?

“Our main goals include creating an excellent team bond, winning our conference and going on to the NCAA tournament.”

What are some goals you have for yourself?

“Coming off of an ACL injury some goals I have are to restore confidence in my game, encourage my teammates on and off the court and grow as a better person and basketball player.”

What are some of the team’s strengths?

“Team strengths include commitment, passion and togetherness. We place a strong emphasis on giving everything we do our best and pushing each other to become the best version of ourselves.”

Team weaknesses?

“Team weaknesses include lack of experience due to the fact that we have a majority of younger players. Our upperclassmen are doing a good job of showing us, the underclassmen, the ropes.”

Any games you’re looking forward to more than others?

“We’re looking forward to playing University of Albany more than others because we consider them to be our rivals and it’s always a big game.”