Bookstore to buy back textbooks at full price for first ten students

Bookstore to buy back textbooks at full price for first ten students

A full refund will be issued to the first ten students who return their textbooks at the UMBC Bookstore, effective the first and second week of April. However, textbooks cannot be returned if they originally came packaged with an access code.

Reverse psychology major Justa Jokeman is a junior at UMBC and an employee of the UMBC Bookstore.”When you think deeply about this concept, it almost seems impossible. However, it is revolutionary, and I would love to see what the results would look like,” said Jokeman.

Students in the Commons were not aware of this change in policy because there are no signs to inform them. Lotta Lavs, a junior English rumors major, entered the bookstore and returned a textbook. This led her to realize that the bookstore is now offering a full price return for any non-access code textbook this April. “I don’t know what to think, this sounds so unreal,” said Lavs. “Although, this event needs to be done after the semester to ensure a greater deal of satisfaction.”

“This event could be done in the month of May. The problem with that is convenience,” Jokeman said. He mentioned that holding this event after the semester ended would make it less fun. “What would be the purpose of buying back books so late, right when students no longer need them? Now that seems unrealistic,” Jokeman said. Lavs took a long pause and stared at Jokeman before conceding, “That makes sense, I’ll be here in April.”

“Students decide whether they are in need of educational accessibility or financial stability,” said Jokeman. “Either way, this event will only help out students who are in need.”

Employees never displayed signs advertising this event because it would attract too much attention. Jokeman stated that, “it would be a little unsettling to wake up for work one morning with hundreds of students lined up for book returns.” Jokeman made sure that the event was not too widespread. This event is open to everyone, but Jokeman is curious to see how many students will come to return their books. He fears that the bookstore could become packed and difficult to navigate.

Jokeman believes that this event will help students of any major or year. He also feels like it will help new students take advantage of campus life. It welcomes new students and helps returning ones.

Jokeman also spoke about the event’s duration. “This is unprecedented you know,” said Jokeman. “If ten students return books on the first day, it will end on that same day. However, if ten students return books throughout the span of April or until May, it will end on that respective date.” He promptly left back to work stating, “This is the opportunity for the students!”