Leprechaun sightings in Baltimore on St. Patrick’s Day

The epidemic was not just limited to Baltimore - bar and pub patrons from cities around the country reported seeing "little green men." Photo by Kristina Soetje.

Leprechaun sightings in Baltimore on St. Patrick’s Day

The Baltimore Police Department received several reports of leprechaun sightings on St. Patrick’s Day during the annual parade with a high concentration of sightings around the James Joyce Irish Pub & Restaurant.

Elijah Smith, a 21-year-old Baltimore native, was one of the first celebrators to make the call at 9 p.m. “It was the first time I had celebrated St. Patty’s Day at the legal drinking age,” he said.

Smith had been at the bar for an hour when he went outside for air and allegedly saw, “the little green dude from Lucky Charms.” He then called for his friends to join him outside the restaurant, where his girlfriend, Linda Browne, urged him to make the call. Across the harbor in the venue Power Plant Live!, two individuals called in another leprechaun sighting.

Officer Teddy Bryant was on duty during the leprechaun call-ins, and said, “Usually, I’m stationed by the street to keep an eye out for drunk drivers, which is the most common cause for arrest on the holiday. It was a nice change to be looking for a little man in a green suit instead.”

According to a WalletHub article, 75 percent of fatal car crashes are caused by a drunk driver who has a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit, which raises safety issues and concerns for the holiday. In Howard County, 13 DUI arrests were made; none were made in Baltimore, aside from the leprechaun spottings.

“There is no doubt in my mind that there is a connection between the insobriety of witnesses and the reports of leprechauns,” said Officer Bryant.

This is not the first time mystical creatures have been spotted in Maryland. Baltimore case files reveal that the Loch Ness Monster was seen in the Inner Harbor twice on April 20, 1988. On New Year’s Eve in 1990, trolls were seen by partygoers in Fells Point.

Following the leprechaun reports, the BPD also released a public statement which says, “While the BPD does not confirm or deny the existence of leprechauns, no suspects were apprehended matching the description of a 3’11″ man in a shamrock suit.”

A caller from the Power Plant Live! sighting, who wished to remain anonymous, described the statement as disappointing. “You want the people in charge of protecting you to get the job done, and the fact that they can’t find this leprechaun and do their job, frankly leaves me feeling unsafe.”

The spokesperson for the BPD did not respond for comment.

All who encounter mythical creatures are strongly urged not to get behind the wheel or call the police unless in immediate danger. It is recommended by local law enforcement to take a closer look at the tiny dragon to ensure that it is not just a cat.