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Quadmania 2018: fun, games, and festivities

Quadmania or Eriksonmania? The Student Events Board showed the UMBC student body that the change of location of the festival this year had no influence on the festivities they had planned.

Quadmania began on April 20 with the For the Culture Dance. And while the setup was similar to the other dance parties SEB coordinates, the music selection and overall attendance to the event were much more favorable. A consistent mass of people was dancing to songs like Drake’s “God’s Plan” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” on the dance floor.

Although some students were disappointed that student group performances were not presented at this event, what was displayed was enjoyed by many. SEB seems to have perfected how they would like a dance party to be.

The next day the crown jewel of Quadmania began: the festival. The rollercoaster rides on the grounds included a Ferris wheel, a Rainbow swing ride, bumper cars and an airplane ride.

Some students, like senior psychology major Dana Kobrin, thought the rides had reduced in number this year. Notably, popular mainstays of past festivals like the drop tower and alien centrifuge were not around this year. This was unfortunate as it was clear that Erikson field had room to accommodate at least one more ride.

There were two inflatables attractions at the event, along with many carnival rides, the majority of which were manned by SEB staff. These carnival rides ranged from basketball hoops to mini-bowling.

Kobrin most enjoyed the festival’s petting zoo, which permitted the petting and feeding of animals like rabbits, llamas, goats and more. SEB offered free snacks like popcorn, cotton candy and snowballs for the enjoyment of attendees.

Full meals and varied frozen treats were offered by on-site food vendors.The food trucks available at the event were quite popular. The selections ranged from burgers to Thai food. The ice cream truck was also consistently popular.

Unfortunately, Kobrin also noted the lack of vegetarian options offered by these vendors. The options were limited to possibly fries, vegetable egg rolls and lo mein if you specifically requested for the exclusion of meat.

Overall, students’ reactions to the event were varied. Junior computer science major Chidi Ede thought the festival “was cool,” but “[SEB] barely changes it every year.” Kobrin thought that last year’s festival was better.

Quadmania ended its festivities with its annual concert featuring rapper 21 Savage. This is a notable feat for SEB as Savage is a popular performer at the moment and currently on tour.

Unfortunately, Quadmania will not be at its original venue until 2020, but SEB continues to improve and showcase reliable entertainment for the UMBC student body.