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The Faim prove they are the real deal

In the lights of the Baltimore Soundstage, lead singer Josh Raven enthusiastically moves across the stage as his long hair sways back and forth. Over 11,000 miles from their hometown of Perth, Australia, The Faim look like they are exactly where they belong. The up-and-coming band maintained a natural stage presence that proved music is what they are destined to pursue. The group of friends is amidst a rise that has led to them seeing a new city every night on their first American tour.

With Raven at lead vocals, Sam Tye on guitar, Stephen Beerkens on keyboard and Sean Tighe on drums, the young band has captured a sound that adds a twist to a familiar style. Similar to bands such as Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy, The Faim has used a wide variety of influences to craft their own unique sound.

“From Tupac to Frank Sinatra and from Slipknot to Led Zeppelin… Genres are amalgamating. There is no set way to really write music, so it is exciting to be able to utilize every influence I have,” says Raven, and it definitely reflects in their music. Each of the group’s songs has its own personality, and the diverse set of influences play a large part in achieving that variety within their music.

Being in a new country and so many different cities can be hard, but the band welcomes the new experience. “It is just nice to be able to explore and to also meet different people from different places,” says Raven. The band knew from early on that if they wanted to be successful they would have to move beyond Australia.

Given how spread out the U.S. is, touring is a challenge. This has led the band to tour and build a following in Europe and now North America. The developing global fan base is priming them for a big 2019 in which the band has announced at least one new album release.

Their stop in Baltimore was a hit, as they performed with fellow band Hands Like Houses to an eager audience. Fans began lining up in the freezing cold over an hour before the concert, showing their devotion to their beloved band from down under.

Once the show began, The Faim exceeded expectations. The emotion in Raven’s words was genuine, and his wide vocal range rang through the rafters of the venue. As a perfect complement to his vocals, the intensity of the drums was felt in the hearts of everyone in attendance, while Tye’s guitar work and Beerkens’ keyboard brought balance and melody to each song. The band’s style of abrupt changes in tempo and tone is difficult to maintain, especially for an entire concert, which speaks to the ability of the band as a whole.

With a lot of momentum and twice as much talent, The Faim is a band to pay close attention to in the near future. The group is passionate about their music, and their genuine nature is refreshing in the music industry. Seeing them reach their potential will be exciting to watch, as the sky is the limit for this young band.

Correction: An earlier version of this article labeled Michael Bono as The Faim’s guitarist instead of Sam Tye.