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Alex Hooper’s celebration of life

Personable and fun from head to toe, Alex Hooper has become such a popular comedian in the last ten years, and it is easy to see why. Hooper is an LA-based comedian originally from Towson, Maryland. Many of us will remember him from the “America’s Got Talent” episode where he insulted the judge, igniting thousands of people to angrily yell at him from their seats.

His first album, “Hugs. Drugs. Pugs.” was one of his favorite accomplishments. This project followed his personal growth, connecting with a lot of the main parts of his life. However, this is not all Hooper wants to do with comedy; he wants to expand his creative career across different platforms and countries. Hooper wants to work on more TV shows, and he even started a podcast called “Achilles’ Heel” that tells stories of struggle and mental illness. 

Hooper has already performed in Argentina, Mexico and Thailand and plans to do a show in Canada soon. Hooper says that he has to work so much harder in these shows; he must constantly be on his feet and able to pivot in the moment. One of his favorite shows by far was in Thailand because he says, “it was the most present I’ve ever been.”

Comedy, contrary to popular belief, is a difficult profession. There is a lot of rejection involved, and it does not always pay very well. Hooper still has to work hard every day despite already having established himself. Getting up on stage will always be scary for Hooper, but that is just part of his job. He believes that being uncomfortable is good for performers. Too often he says he is just “the crazy man standing in the corner of an art gallery,” but he grows from it. Performers have to know how to be comfortable in their own skin; otherwise they will never find who they are as a comedian.

Hooper will be returning to Baltimore for a show at Fells Point Corner Theatre on Feb. 27. In fact, it is only a few weeks before his 10 year anniversary with comedy on March 9. It is an amazing feat to have been able to pursue comedy for so long, especially with how many up-and-coming comedians there already are.

A Marylander himself, Hooper looks forward to his upcoming show in Baltimore. Although, it is definitely weird for him when he performs in Charm City. He usually tries to come back to Baltimore once a year. During these shows, the added pressure of knowing people in the audience weighs on him.

Despite all the hardships, Hooper is extremely passionate about comedy. The way he talks about his job is heartwarming, and he hopes everyone finds their own passions. In fact, he thinks that there is “nothing more important in life than finding your purpose.” The reason he loves comedy so much is because it is his way of spreading joy and truly expressing himself, something that people often struggle to do. Everyone should hope to find their own calling because what’s the point of doing anything if it is not with passion?

So save the date for Feb. 27, and come see Alex Hooper live. He has enough personality to entertain you for the entire night, and, on top of that, he promises that it will be a “celebration of fun and silliness.”