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Chase and the Barons impress on album debut

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, up-and-coming band Chase and the Barons have steadily been making a name for themselves beyond their hometown and are looking towards nationwide relevance. The young group of friends have been climbing their way up the ranks of the alternative rock scene recently and are getting a steady line of support from fans all over the East Coast. In the wake of recent local success, the group is set to release their debut “Live Wire Bed Fire” on April 6, 2019, with hopes of gaining attention from alternative rock fans everywhere.

Much like the band’s colorful choice of style, the album was far from predictable. The group’s ability to incorporate traits from multiple genres makes for fresh and interesting songs that range from calm and steady to faster, more intense tempos.

The inclusion of saxophone in some of their songs adds a quirky touch that rides through the beat and provides a sense of fluidity in the music among the diverse sounds of drums and guitar. It carried through the chorus and complemented each track’s vocals in a tasteful fashion, carefully adding to the melody of each song as if it were a backup singer.

The album, lacking any low point, is a respectable debut for the growing band. Rather, the group is able to produce a consistent level of quality music throughout all thirteen tracks. However, it does leave for more to be desired in the future, given that this album demonstrates their level of musical ability. It also provides a glimpse of the great success that can soon become a reality for these young men in their developing careers. As for this project, some more notable hits would have been the finishing element on an already impressive first album.

The three singles from the album are certainly a strong representation of the band. Each track displays the band’s ability to incorporate multiple genres in their music. “A Day Off/Treehouse” begins with a Jimmy Buffet-esque style that quickly shifts into their signature rockstar approach during the chorus. “Backseat” shares similar qualities with earlier pop-rock and punk music, which is refreshing to a style that has not received much attention since the 2000s.

Finally, the most notable song from the album, “Intoxicated,” features a catchy hook and an appealing medley of instruments that preview the band’s ability to make hit music. Each single will be dropping periodically leading up to the album’s release date; “A Day Off” will be released on Feb. 15 and “Backseat” will arrive soon after on March 15. Fans can follow Chase and the Barons on Spotify for updates and reminders for releases.

“Live Wire Bed Fire” is nothing short of genuine. The quirky lyrics and intricate rhythms, along with the tasteful extraction of qualities from other genres, makes for a one-of-a-kind project that is a respectable debut for the blossoming band. Be sure to check it out when the album drops everywhere on April 6.

This post includes a correction of the print version printed on Feb. 13 which stated the band is from Philadelphia. Chase and the Barons is a band from Pittsburgh, PA.