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The Happy Fits will leave you beaming

Indie rock band, The Happy Fits invites listeners to share their joy and get in tune with their inner happiness. Band members Ross Monteith (guitar), Calvin Langman (cello) and Luke Davis (drums) focus on creating vibrant vibes and changing sound to strike specific emotions that linger with the audience.

Monteith, Langman and Davis share their love for music and its ability to touch each of its listeners. Davis explains, “Music is escape for people.” The trio creates music that provides listeners with a sense of comfort all the while pushing forth their own individuality.

When asked what separates them from other artists, The Happy Fits came to a general consensus that Langman’s addition of the cello greatly contributes to the band’s distinctiveness. The cello adds an unexpected yet exceptional sound the band is remembered for. It allows The Happy Fits to diverge from traditional expectations of alternative rock and create their own presence in the music industry.

The Happy Fits’ first album, “Concentrate,” was released in 2018. It explores an extensive set of topics including love, growth and the pursuit of a creative career. Each song elaborates on the expression of specific emotions and perspectives in an unforgettable way.

“Concentrate” portrays a beautiful eclecticism that welcomes the praise and admiration of listeners of a variety of music genres. This eclecticism, however, does not disrupt the album’s overall cohesiveness. If anything, the variation of their styles and sounds has become a laudable, notable characteristic of The Happy Fits. The uniqueness of each song in relation to the others magnificently presents the band’s wide range of musical abilities and talents.

“So Alright, Cool, Whatever” speaks of the lingering regret and sorrow following heartbreak. Lyrics such as “I wanna be dancing, dreaming, bawling and weeping over you all of my life,” explain how delirious any slight presence of a loved one becomes after the unwanted ending of a relationship. The upbeat intensity of the song contrasts with the vulnerability of the lyrics, paralleling the intensity of one’s feelings in the midst of emotional turmoil.

“Best Tears” pokes fun at seniors unhelpful aid during youth’s difficulties, mocking their supposed words of encouragement, “So, all the girls and bad boys made you cry?/ Well, you know, those were the best tears of your life, of your life.” The song plays with the lack of empathy and overall discredit towards an adolescent’s daily struggles. It’s a beautifully composed work of satire.

Their songs, reminiscent of the band’s musical inspirations, sound hauntingly familiar all the while sustaining an admirable sense of originality. Langman explains, “My main goal is to get a good chorus…some melodies tug on your soul. That’s what I want to get —that ‘yeaaahhhh’ feeling.” The Happy Fits achieve the extremely difficult task of taking the music they’ve been inspired by and making it their own, of making art out of art.

The way The Happy Fits’ music connects to its audience is extraordinary. The emotions and feelings within their songs create an indestructible relationship between the musicians and the audience. The band’s stage presence is absolutely electric, feeding off of the reciprocating radiance of the audience. An aura of cheerfulness, sparked by the beats and melodies of their music, permeates throughout the venue. The energetic passion of Langman, Monteith and Davis flows through their performance.

The Happy Fits effortlessly create music that is tastefully catchy, uplifting and appealing to audience preference all the while preserving their own artistic integrity through the complexity of their lyrics. The band members’ talents effortlessly collaborate with one another. They are great people who make great music that leaves you beaming and singing along.

In a world where pessimism has become dependable, it is important to shine a light on those who make an effort to bring brilliance and vitality to society. The Happy Fits present an inimitable brightness and ingeniousness. Their music leaves its listeners with a happiness everyone is looking for.


The Happy Fits band members (left to right) Luke Davis, Calvin Langman and Ross Monteith. Photo taken by Madasyn Andrews.