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Dig for a living. Drawing by Ceyda Baysal.

PAWS FOR ART: my rising is an earth sign

dirt under your nails dig deep, deep, deep, deeper girl

dig yourself out

soil, worms, ants in your skin

in and out of your flesh

dig deep

dig, dig, dig, dig, 

dig into yourself

pull your skin back and press the grime into your nervous system

call it a rebirth

dig your own shrine

dig yourself down until you hit magma

and simmer there

soft baby, simmer until you’ve glossed over

and kiln and collided into rebirth

dig, dig, dig

dig out and steam off what’s left

call it new, call it holy, call it revelation

call it endtimes and entrails and

call your mother, call Nana, your aunties

use those hands to dig them out

pull them up out the rubble

so that they may see the sun too


Morgan Mullings