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SGA announces executive, legislative officers for 2020-2021 academic year

The Student Government Association Election Board announced the election results for executive and legislative positions in SGA for the 2020-2021 academic year on May 1 over a Webex call that lasted approximately ten minutes. Mehrshad Fahim Devin and Zachary Kay were voted as next year’s president and executive vice president, respectively, with 340 votes. 

There were 655 unique voters who cast a ballot in this year’s election. Candidates had to have received votes on at least five percent of ballots to win.

Devin and Kay, who both attended the Webex meeting announcement, reported feeling “nervous” before hearing the results, then overwhelming excitement once they were announced as winners, according to an email correspondence. 

“I am excited to work with all the elected officials and excited to take on the role of president, but most importantly I am excited to be able to serve the undergraduate student body!” Devin wrote. “I am thankful for everyone who voted and cannot wait to see what the academic year will hold for us and SGA as a body!”

Devin reiterated his plans to make sure all undergraduate students know that they are a part of the SGA, and that “they have the power to make the change they see fit on campus,” he wrote, a sentiment that Kay also echoed. 

“I’m confident that Mehrshad and I will be able to adapt and serve the needs of the students at [the University of Maryland, Baltimore County] in whatever way we can as well as to continue giving students more opportunities to express their opinions and make change on campus,” Kay wrote.

Additionally, both Devin and Kay are cognizant of their role in helping students transition back to campus, and Devin promised they would “work diligently” alongside the other elected officers to make this transition go as smoothly as possible.

Joshua Gray was elected vice president for student organizations with 314 votes, and Siri Keyaka was voted treasurer with 407 votes.

Gray noted two important aspects of his campaign in an email correspondence following the election results: engagement with as many student leaders across campus as possible and a support system that would guide the direction of his work.

He promises a “steadfast commitment” to both of these guiding principles in his campaign.

“I will continue to engage people in the conversation about the cultural development that is to occur at UMBC and will continue to seek counsel and work collaboratively with those that are committed to the work that needs to be done,” he wrote. “My experiences thus far have prepared me to step into this role but the Retrievers I proudly live, study, eat, and fellowship with daily will be what propels the work I do forward.” 

Elected senators include, in descending order, starting with those who received the most votes, Patrick Reid, Wendy Zhang, Nailah-Bena Chambers, Menna Nasser, Kai Hajos, Mariah Qureshi, Kayla Dunn, Julius Gayle, Emmanuel Okhuevbie, Mati Tadzong and Zachary Smith.

Rounding out the legislative positions, the elected Finance Board representatives include, in descending order, starting with those who received the most votes, Aliyah Adegun, Pooja Patel, Sierra Dubuque, Rehman Liaqat, Victor Kehinde,  Achelafac Akem and Liam Von Alt.

The SGA will be holding a virtual inauguration on May 6 at 12:30 p.m.

A full breakdown of votes for all positions can be found here.