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Consider yourself a Loafer

Route 40 bar and grill makes a great place for food and sports

Ashley Parks

Staff Writer

Only a 10 minute drive from campus, Loafer’s offers bar food and drinks that are affordable on a college student’s budget.

Baltimore is home to compassionate sports fans. There is certainly no lack of spirit in those who track the teams and their current stats. Simply sitting in a local bar and grill will reveal that much. Fans will crowd around big screen TVs to shout out their own coaching advice or deliver harsh criticism of gameplay. They may toast a win for their athletic brethren or mourn their loss. Such animated scenes can be found at Loafer’s Bar and Grill.

On the Baltimore National Pike, heading towards Ellicott City, the apple red and forest green grill sits to the right of bustling traffic. With a wall of tinted windows extending from the front, the building extends out to right beside the highway. The name “Loafer’s” is spelled out in red, crooked letters outlined in the same green shade on each side of the restaurant.

A painted mural of jovial sports fans, some spilling their drinks in excitement and others ignoring a smiling bartender, greet customers as they approach the entrance. A step inside reveals two more handpainted people, a cheerleader and football player, welcoming those who make use of the restrooms. 10 wings and a domestic pitcher for $10 is scribbled in a bright pink magical marker on a backlit specials board.

Seating is customer’s choice. Space is always available in the dining room lined with TVs and various framed team uniforms. The enclosed porch area offers a seat directly next to those stopped at the traffic light on route 40.

At any time during the week, specials are available for food and drinks. The menu sports a collection of athletic inspired terminology. The Triple Play is a great starter, consisting of 3 mozzarella sticks, 3 chicken tenders and 3 baked potato skins coated with cheese and bacon bits.

For those devoted fans engrossed by the game, the buffalo chicken wings or the Philly cheese steak wrap are delicious and compact meal options. They may be a little messy but they’re easy to manage when frustrations fly and fans spring up from their seats.

The service is friendly but sometimes scarce when seats are full. A little patience may be necessary on the weekends as the crowd doubles in size. If stopping in on a Thursday night, some of the customers lend their talents to karaoke entertainment. Friday and Saturday nights are hosted by a local DJ.

Throughout the season, Loafer’s Bar and Grill is certainly a comfortable place to grab some food and catch the game. Whether it be solo spectators or teams of fervent fans, this bar and grill offers a small haven for Baltimore’s prideful and passionate people.