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Maze Runner takes audience on a full marathon

This new book to movie proves to be much more than just a maze

Holly Vogtman

Staff Writer

Summary: A young man named Thomas, wakes up in a pitch-black metal crate to find him surrounded by a group of young male strangers in a place called the Glade enclosed by a gigantic maze. All of these young men have been placed here by an unknown source with wiped memories, except for their first names and must learn to survive and find a way out of the maze.

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) is a young man who awakes in a cold, dark metal crate surrounded by other young men around his age. Beyond that crate is a completely unknown world.

Having had all of his memory wiped except his name, Thomas must adapt to the world of the Glade and find camaraderie in his fellow Gladers.

It is easy to see that this place is a little different when Thomas realizes that the Glade is enclosed by a colossal maze. This maze not only keeps the members of the community trapped, but also seals objects in as well.

With the unexpected arrival of the Glade’s first girl, it is obvious that that the rules have changed. Thomas begins a mission to find a way out of the maze and back to civilization.

Maze Runner is a very exciting and action packed film. It is an excellent example of a book-to-film adaptation done well and with high-quality acting from its leading roles.

Dylan O’Brien shines as Thomas, the male protagonist. His emotions and actions are believable and connect well with the original character in the book.

Other actors that shine throughout the film include Gally (Will Pouter), Newt (Thomas-Brodie Sangster), Alby (Aml Ameen) and Teresa (Kaya Scoldelario).

All of these actors did fantastic portrayals of their characters and also stayed true to the original depictions of their roles in the novel.

The 113 minutes fly by in the theatre as there is nearly no down time and every scene is full of action, adventure, mystery and a few comic relief moments made possible by the playful character of Chuck (Blake Cooper).

While the film adaptation kept the storyline clear to the audience and close to the book, it still seems to leave out some vital information from the novel that is important later in the series and could cause some major plot changes.

Maze Runner combines strong acting, solid book-to-film adaptation and entertainment value for the audience that is sure to impress. As the first film in this trilogy, it left me anxious for the next installment.

The Maze Runner is highly recommended for all kinds of audiences, but it is suggested to read the book trilogy as well to get the entire picture.

Maze Runner receives 4 paws!