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Breaking News: Ferguson Protest at UMBC

A group of students gathered outside of the University Center to protest last night’s announcement that a grand jury would not indict Ferguson, MO. police officer Darren Wilson.

Students urged the small crowd gathering to join them in chants of “Hands up don’t shoot” and four and a half minute bouts of silence, which the protestors claimed was  to “signify the four and a half hours Brown’s body was left unattended in the road” after the shooting.
“This is citizenship,” senior biology major Neyo Adekoya said during a break in the chant. “The little we can do is hopefully get more people involved.”
A few people walked up and joined, but most stood a short distance away, watching the demonstration while recording it on their phones.
“Lots of people have taken fliers, some people didn’t even know what had happened,” junior acting major Chaz Atkinson said. “We want to encourage people to not be apathetic.”

Wilson was involved in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michele Brown in August. The shooting sparked weeks of riots in the usually non-violent St. Louis suburb.