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Teenage suspect in triple homicide case killed in a shootout with Baltimore County police

16-year old male from Kentucky suspected of involvement in his family’s deaths

Maryland police engaged in a car chase and firefight with a male teenager with alleged ties to his family’s murder in Kentucky.

16-year-old Jason Hendrix was killed on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 14, in a shootout with Maryland police near Essex. He failed to stop when a police officer attempted to pull him over for speeding and fled the scene, resulting in a car chase involving six officers that ended when Hendrix struck another vehicle at an intersection near Hyde Park Road.

When an officer approached the car, Hendrix shot at him and was killed in the ensuing firefight. The officer was mildly injured and quickly released from the hospital.

Upon searching the vehicle, the officers discovered six weapons, including four .38-caliber handguns, one 9 mm handgun and a shotgun, as well as a backpack full of ammunition.

Upon identifying Hendrix and reaching out to the station in Corbin, Kentucky, police visited the Hendrix home that night and discovered the bodies of his parents and his sister. All three victims had suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the head and were killed sometime during the evening of Wednesday, February 11.

Officers have confirmed that the car Hendrix was driving was his mother’s SUV. Jason is the primary suspect, with a possible motive being his parent’s recent restrictions on his computer and cell phone use. His reasons for fleeing to Maryland are uncertain.

Jason Hendrix was an active church-goer, ROTC student and high school junior. His sister, Grace, was a cheerleader and sixth-grade student. Her father was a beekeeper and a worker at the county clerk’s office, while his mother taught social work at Union College.

Multiple members of the community, including Pastor Drew Mahan and family friend Greg Razmus, expressed shock, claiming that there was “no sign” from Jason or the family that anything was seriously wrong at home.

Such a violent crime is rare for the Corbin community. Police Chief David Cambell said, “We’re having a lot of overdoses on heroin. I think we had four suicides last year. But we’ve never had anything like this.” All four members of the family are being mourned by the community.