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Frozen yogurt for funds

Active Minds attempt to raise money for mental health

Active Minds of UMBC, an organization that promotes awareness and research for mental health, is always raising money for their cause. Mental Health Awareness Week was a perfect opportunity to hold another fundraiser.

Tuesday, March 31 was a fairly gloomy and rainy afternoon. On that day, UMBC students were encouraged to come to Sweet Frog of Catonsville from 3 to 9 p.m. to partake in some delicious frozen yogurt and support Active Minds. However, the atmosphere of the fundraiser matched the weather. Aside from one or two people who weren’t even UMBC students, Sweet Frog was completely empty.

“I don’t know how much we are going to make today. A little over 30 people should be going, but I don’t know if the rain will be a factor,” said senior psychology major Sharde Hoff. Hoff is one of the main members of Active Minds and contributes to the fundraisers.

Fortunately, more students began to arrive as the evening went on. By the time it hit 5 p.m., groups of two or three filed through the doors and a small line quickly formed. After a long afternoon of classes, students came in to relax, chat and partake in some delicious frozen yogurt.

After deciding which flavor they wanted, students hovered over the counter where numerous toppings were offered to choose from. No one was shy about filling their cup to the brim, or even getting back in line for seconds. Afterall, it was for a good cause.

All donations, even the smallest amounts, were greatly appreciated. Throughout the year, Active Minds holds many fundraisers and events to earn money for their chapter. Most of the time, the turnout is relatively small. But, by holding two to three events per semester, the money eventually does add up.

Of the $134 that was made that day, Active Minds received $26 back.  “That’s better than our last off campus fundraiser, but eh,” said Hoff.

The money will be donated to Active Minds’ national chapter in D.C. to help fund research and provide information about mental health resources.

To encourage attendance to such events, coordinators such as Hoff try to choose popular local chains such as Sweet Frog. “We’ve held past fundraisers at pizza places and other restaurants, but the turnout can be quite minimal,” said Hoff. “We chose Sweet Frog because everyone loves frozen yogurt.”