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OK Go is coming again

Renowned entertainers to perform at Rams Head Live

After 3 years, OK Go are back in Baltimore on April 12 with a new set list of old favorites and new anthems.

Almost 10 years ago, OK Go caught the attention of power-pop music fans and short film enthusiasts alike. Their Grammy Award-winning music video for “Here It Goes Again” went viral on YouTube after its release in 2006, scoring the group over 25 million views for their choreographed moves on a series of moving treadmills.

Since then, OK Go has maintained their reputation as entertainers, releasing four studio albums and numerous viral videos. The group is comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Damian Kulash, bassist and vocalist Tim Nordwind, drummer Dan Konopka and keyboardist Andy Ross.

In a recent interview, Kulash tells the music website Stereogum that the group “stumbled into this whole thing backwards” and have always had the goal of putting on a good show.

Five years after they last produced a full-length album, the band released Hungry Ghosts in October 2014 on their own record label, Paracadute. To promote the album, OK Go toured internationally, selling out shows in countries like Russia and Japan during the month of February before returning to California. There, they kicked off their spring 2015 tour on March 21 at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz.

OK Go made Hungry Ghosts with heavy emphasis on their synth-rock sound, even exploring a disco vibe at times. The upbeat music makes songs easy to dance along to. The music on Hungry Ghosts is generally more focused.

According to Songkick, a website designed to track upcoming concerts and review past shows, this North American tour will bring the band back to Baltimore after three years. They will be performing at Rams Head Live on April 12, where doors open at 7 p.m., and advanced general admission tickets are $20.

Though the quartet will likely perform old favorites like “This Too Shall Pass” and “Get Over It,” new songs like “Upside Down & Inside Out” from Hungry Ghosts will pump up the crowd and showcase the raw energy that the new tunes exude.

On the official OK Go website,, Kulash explains that the group’s opportunity to further develop creative direction has grown significantly in the past 15 years since they started playing together. In their eyes, the increase in creative outlets made it clearer to them where they wanted to take their music.

Kulash says on the website, “We went in with fewer preconceptions of who we are or what our sound is, and came out with a record that sounds much more uniquely our own because of it.”

After performing in Baltimore, OK Go will head off to Georgia where they’ll play at the Buckhead Theater on April 14. The tour will conclude back in California on May 2.