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UMBC becoming an online only campus

Due to constant increases in yearly federal budget cuts, UMBC is turning into an online private institution and the campus buildings will be auctioned off to become a lively business center the hilltop area community lacked before.

UMBC administration put together a strategic plan to solve the campus’ financial issues. The plan calls for auctioning UMBC buildings off to bidders agreeing to financially support the upcoming online institution.

Many great potential corporations are interested in investing in the UMBC campus. The Performing Arts and Humanities building will be turned into a popular cinema house if AMC Entertainment Inc. wins the bid, and the Retriever Activities Center will become a bigger gym if it becomes part of 24 Fitness Clubs.

The administration is frustrated over students’ complaints about the lack of campus activities. It has decided to abandon its attempts to make events more easily accessible for students. The administration claims that students do not put enough effort into looking for opportunities to get involved on campus, hence, its own efforts are wasted.

With the help of instructors, it was agreed on to start moving toward online teaching instead. Their collective decision was based on noticing how students are increasingly becoming inseparable from their electronic gadgets and cannot be forced to focus on class in the traditional settings.

There is one downside for this transition, however. Researchers will have to find a new place to conduct their experiments. Since UMBC is still an up and coming university, the administration believes that researchers won’t lose a lot by leaving UMBC.

While the evolved university will focus only on undergraduate education, the administration will do its best to transfer the research projects to universities around the state of Maryland.

The upcoming online UMBC will effectively catch up with learning technologies that are saving time and the environment. The application of the initiative will start taking place in  Fall of 2015 and will be completely executed by Spring of 2020, ­starting a new decade of advanced and comprehensive learning techniques.

Currently, online assignments can only be accessed by paying a fee to access malfunctioning websites that claim to use ‘adaptive learning’ techniques. However, their applications may not be working for you, or you may have a lot of work on your plate and no time to make use of them at your own convenience.

To solve this learning dilemma, Blackboard will finally become the classroom and homework site of UMBC. Students will be given the choice of attending live­stream sessions or watch recorded lectures. Tutoring and office hours will be held online as well.

“UMBC students are smart enough to take responsibility for their own education.” said the new Online Administrator, Roger Nuggets. “UMBC administration sees that students learning through UMBC online is a groundbreaking strategy that will take up-and-coming UMBC to the top in no time.”