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Kesha brings the party to UMBC

The glamorous girl leaves fond memories and glitter in her wake

On Sunday, April 26, UMBC students flocked to the RAC for Kesha, Quadmania’s featured artist

The line to see Kesha on Sunday, April 26 went well past the RAC and down Academic Row. Students without early admission tickets waited for hours before doors opened at 7 p.m. so they could find a decent spot to stand in the crowd.

Despite approaching finals and exam-related stress, the chatter before the show suggested everyone was ready to let loose and party before things would have to turn serious again. Once in the RAC, most students eagerly made their way as close to the stage as possible, while others decided to find a seat on the bleachers so they could hopefully catch a glimpse of the pop star.

Kesha took the stage after her keyboardist and guitarist set up their stations. She dazzled the crowd with the jewel-studded one piece that she sported. Her wavy blonde hair framed her face so well, that she looked fierce when the bright lights hit her.

The crowd hollered with excitement, taking a break to appreciate their character in “We R Who We R.” With loud music pumping through the speakers and strobe lights hitting the crowd at different angles, it was easy for fans to take a break from life and enjoy the present moment.

Part of living in the moment for some was having the courage to crowd-surf to the front. One fan, dressed as a banana, surfed his way to the front of the stage with the help of friendly concert-goers, but he disappeared into the crowd before security could comment on the behavior. Others got on their friends’ shoulders so they could watch Kesha and her dancers from a better view.

While singing “Party at a Rich Dude’s House,” Kesha’s dancers zipped across the stage, using fold-up lawn chairs and mini coolers as surfboards. Kesha jumped into a small swimming pool filled with confetti and laughed her way off-stage for a costume change while the dancers pulled her by the shirt.

Before she started most songs, Kesha took a few seconds to talk to UMBC. Her easy-going nature was displayed in the way that she danced across stage. She exuded fearlessness when she made inappropriate jokes that had many people in the crowd in stitches from laughing.

Perhaps the most memorable moment from the show was Kesha’s performance of “Your Love is My Drug,” during which a giant inflatable rainbow was placed in the center of the stage. Kesha proclaimed herself an advocate for equal LGBTQ rights, and said proudly that she refuses to get married until “any two people in this country can get married.” She dedicated “Your Love is My Drug” to lovers in the crowd and fans cheered for the message she shared.

The last song that Kesha performed was “Tik Tok,” the global hit from 2009. The crowd erupted with screams and many danced like it was the song they had been waiting for. After the adrenaline rush from hearing the most-anticipated song, concert-goers waited eagerly for the encore performances of “Timber” and “Die Young.”

Leaving the RAC after the show, students smiled as they contemplated the message that their favorite party girl left with them: ”make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young.”