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An Evening With The Band Perry

At Pier Six Pavilion, the open water and positioning of the stage covering the hectic Inner Harbor encapsulates the venue from the rest of the city. The cool summer breeze made the venue feel perfect for a country concert as fans packed Pier Six Pavilion on Thursday night.
When the stage lights came on, The Band Perry came out with speed and excitement. The group that released the lilting and steady “Pioneer,” was surprisingly rapid and energetic on stage. While unexpected, that energy paid off.
The tempo of the songs was only possible due to the showmanship of The Band Perry. The three siblings, Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry, did an amazing job of engaging the crowd whenever the energy in the venue dropped, even if it was just an ounce. Neil Perry at one point grabbed the camera, pointing it at audience members so they could see themselves on the big screen. Dancing all over the stage and getting the crowd shaking with them kept the pace of the concert moving.
Pyrotechnics like fireworks and smoke cannons complimented the show, but tapered off by the end. It would have enhanced the performance to have fireworks towards the end to help skyrocket the crowd’s energy even more. Still, the intense lighting and unique visual effects for each song blew the crowd away.
The show consisted of The Band Perry playing songs from their albums “The Band Perry” and “Pioneer,” such as “Better Dig Two,” “Chainsaw,” and “Don’t Let me Be Lonely,” all with a fast upbeat tempo, even during “If I Die Young.”
The low point of the show was the band’s cover of “Uptown Funk.” The crowd may have been going wild and singing along with the pop hit, but Kimberly Perry’s country style did not fit the song well. The cover was early enough in the set to be made up by the rest of the show.
The Band Perry’s other attempt at a cover, “Fat Bottomed Girls,” by Queen, went over better. The band skillfully mixed their fast paced country style in with this classic song and the entire venue was rocking and rolling along.
Overall, the show was spectacular. The Band Perry excels at their showmanship, continually engaging the crowd. Any country fan should put The Band Perry on their watch list the next time they are in town.