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UMBC no longer up-and-coming, now listed as innovative

After years of being the number one “up and coming” university in the United States, UMBC has been named fourth on the U.S. News’ list of most innovative schools. The rankings placed UMBC higher than Ivy League universities such as Cornell, Harvard, and Duke.

This recognition was determined by asking admissions deans and college presidents to nominate colleges that were making monumental strides in their innovative improvements. These judges took the quality of curricula, the talent of the faculty, and improvements to facilities all into account when ranking the schools.

The Most Innovative Schools list was put together in an effort to show the public the enhancements that colleges around the United States have made to their campuses. Students across the country can now see how UMBC is taking the proper steps to constantly improve its curriculum, campus and student life. This in turn will encourage students not only across the country, but also across the world to become a part of Retriever tradition. This is just one small step for UMBC, as it plans to keep improving and innovating in order to reach new heights. President Hrabowski has acknowledged this feat and said that this accomplishment should serve as motivation to work harder. Hrabowski  stated that “there is always more we can accomplish.”

In addition to being ranked fourth on the U.S. News Most Innovative Schools, UMBC is sixth in Undergraduate Teaching among national universities. This ranking ties UMBC with Yale and places the Retrievers higher than universities such as Duke, Vanderbilt and Stanford. In an effort to obtain a list for colleges with the best teaching, U.S. News asked chief academics to name universities whose faculty has a particular dedication to undergraduate teaching in a high quality fashion.

President Hrabowski has praised the commitment that the professors across the university have shown to teaching. The focus on improving the quality of teaching has been ever-present through UMBC’s history. President Hrabowski has commended “our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and supporters who work every day to make UMBC a national model for educational excellence.” President Hrabowski also went on to emphasize, to both students and staff, the importance of using this achievement as inspiration to continue to improve.