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PC Zach Garmoe

Dunk-a-cop becomes dunk-a-brother

The brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma held a dunk-a-cop fundraiser on Wednesday, Sept. 30 in the Quad to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The only problem: no cops showed up. Instead, the brothers worked with what they had and took turns in the booth themselves.

The dunking booth went for two dollars per ball, or five dollars for three balls. Those who succeeded in hitting the target and dunking a brother were rewarded with a t-shirt. Participants also had the option to run up and press the button by hand and win a t-shirt, for just 10 dollars. Donuts were also for sale and were a huge hit.

In response to no campus cops showing up to the event, Alex Krick, sophomore chemical engineering major and Phi Kappa Sigma brother said, “I’m a little disappointed, of course we wanted them to be here. The whole point was the fun in actually dunking cops. But it’s all good, we’ll just keep waiting and hope they show up eventually.”

As the day went on with still no sign of dunk-ready cops, more and more brothers stepped in as volunteer “dunkees.” McCoy Chance, junior music technology and media & communications major, was the first to volunteer as stand-in for the cops. When asked how he felt about being in the dunking booth, all Chance could say was, “So cold, but definitely worth it. This is all for a good cause, so anything for charity.”

The brothers continued chatting about their disappointment in the missing police officers. “We went to go talk to them at the station, but they just didn’t give us an answer as to why they didn’t show up,” said Krick. “We didn’t get any type of heads-up, but at least our frat brothers don’t mind stepping in.”

To find an answer, the Retriever reached out to Deputy Chief of Police Paul Dillon for comment. According to Dillon, the police stopped by, but couldn’t find the brothers.

“We were at the event; they didn’t show up,” said Dillon. “It might have been a miscommunication on location or something, but we had two cops ready and my lieutenant went down there with them.” For whatever reason, though, the cops and the brothers never made contact, though both groups were apparently still on board with the event.

Regardless of the missing police, the brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma had a successful fundraiser. “We still had a good turn out, nearly sold out of donuts and got rid of all the t-shirts. We made somewhere over $500 and it’s going to a great cause,” said Krick. Despite the sudden turn of events, the brothers are still looking forward to even more successful events in the future.