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PC Paul Oh

Hoedown throwdown

For the people out there who like listening to Country music, polishing their dancing skills and enjoying some delicious southern-style food, the Country Hoedown that took place this past Friday would have been an unforgettable experience.

There was music, food and tons of dancing. While the food selection did not cater much to the vegetarian population, it was appreciated by those who ate meat. It consisted of mostly hot dogs and beef burgers. Although they had tiny pieces of corn-on-the-cob, they were swimming in lots of hot water, which made it unpleasant to even look at the corn, let alone eat it.

There was plenty of food, which was surprisingly contradictory to the amount of people that decided to show up to the event. Though the event was advertised by (seb), there were only about 10 to 15 people who decided to show up. The lack of students present may have actually been better, as the location in which the Country Hoedown happened was not a very large space. The dining could have happened elsewhere, and some people did eat outside the room, but that did not quite give the effect of the homey atmosphere that is usually associated with the Country style.

Those who showed up to the event alone, and did not plan to do any dancing would undoubtedly feel out of place. There were statues and garlands above the dancers, which, combined with the music and the hoedown-goers’ rowdiness, brought a little more life to this event. Also, keeping up with the current trend, there was also a photo booth in another room where students could use the available props and take pictures, Country style.

All in all, the music and the dancing were worth the visit, but the food a disappointment.