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Students satisfy their pot addiction

Free hour is usually packed in the Commons, but on Friday, Oct. 2, Main Street was home to a line whose length rivaled those found on Market Street. (seb) held an event around potted plants aptly named “Pot Yo’ Plants.”

Along the tables were ceramic pots, markers, paint and paint brushes, as well as soil and plant seeds. Sophomore computer science major Chet Mo was one of the first people to receive a pot.

“I saw the ad for it on myUMBC and I needed to something to decorate for my room, so I thought I would come out,” said Mo.

A frequent attendee of (seb) events, Mo mentioned how this one was among his favorites. “The crafts events are typically what I go to and this one was especially great because there were a lot of good supplies,” he said.

Among the giant crowd was another regular at (seb) functions, senior global studies major Emily Love.

“I heard about this event through Facebook and it sounded like a fun craft event, I usually come to their events because they are something fun to do on a Friday since I don’t have class,” said Love.

She also touched on the turnout as she thought it was more than expected, which was understandable considering she had been waiting for this event.

“My friend and I have been talking about this for weeks and I think other people have too because it’s so crowded… I don’t think they even planned for this many people,” said Love.

The event was popular among (seb) members themselves. Nicole Christ, a sophomore biology major, discussed her experience.

“I was already there helping out as a member, but I wanted to add more plants to my collection in my room,” said Christ.

“I really liked how helpful everyone was and all the different kinds of plants they had, plus this was one of the biggest turnouts for an event and the idea was really fun,” she added.

The planner behind the huge event was (seb)’s Andrea Davis, a sophomore sociology major. As someone who joined (seb) fall semester of her freshman year, she became a part of the executive board last spring and has been proposing ideas since.

“I noticed that the most popular events had ceramic items and I wanted to do a plant event in the fall, so I proposed the idea and went from there,” said Davis.

When she created the event on Facebook, she was shocked to find out that 300 people had marked that they were going.

“When I first saw that my jaw dropped, but I just started trying to get as many supplies as I could,” said Davis.

As event planner for about 40 events, Davis is hoping to be at the helm of many more, including Craftsmania, which will happen later in the semester.