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An evening with Battles

Rock band Battles performed at the 9:30 Club touring with their latest album La Di Da Di. The evening was filled with nonstop instrumentals in keeping with the album’s vocals-free style. Battles, made up of Ian Williams, John Stanier and Dave Konopka, spoke very few words during the concert and let the music express their emotions. Along with new songs, the band performed tracks off earlier albums Gloss Drop and Mirrored. If you like lengthy jams and consistent rock music, check them out!

battles trw jpeg
Dave Konopka adjusts one of his many effects pedals during a interlude.
battles trw jpeg-2
John Stanier bashes his drums with much intensity alongside his fellow band mates.
battles trw jpeg-13
John Stanier plays a final drum solo for a dazzled crowd with “The Yabba.”
battles trw jpeg-12
Battles plays their final encore track “The Yabba” off their latest album La Di Da Di.
battles trw jpeg-3
Between two synths, Ian Williams plays wicked riffs while hugging his guitar.
battles trw jpeg-4
Ian Williams (cq), left, performs along side John Stanier (cq), center, and Dave Konopka (cq), right, for a late night concert at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C.
battles trw jpeg-5
Guitarist Ian Williams (cq), left, jams out with drummer John Stanier (cq), center, and guitarist/bassist Dave Konopka (cq), right. Together, this trio makes up rock band Battles!
battles trw jpeg-6
Drummer John Stanier intensely plays with bells for an earlier song off their previous album Gloss Drop.
battles trw jpeg-7
John Stanier meticulously plays on an elevated cymbal.
battles trw jpeg-8
Ian Williams plays a guitar riff while sweating.
battles trw jpeg-9
A distorted look at guitarist Ian Williams jamming out
battles trw jpeg-10
Dave Konopka closes his eyes while playing alongside his band mates.
battles trw jpeg-11
Ian Williams (cq), left, looks to John Stanier (cq), center, and Dave Konopka (cq), right, during a breakdown of one of their songs.