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An evening with Deafheaven

Californian black metal band Deafheaven came to the Howard Theatre to tour their latest album “New Bermuda.” With raging vocals from frontman George Clarke, the evening was a non-stop rush of heavy shoegaze melodies. Most may have heard of Deafheaven from their previous album “Sunbather.” This album, which received critical-acclaim from Pitchfork and NPR, was almost performed in its entirety, and the group also played songs off of “New Bermuda.” If you like to crowd surf and mosh, check them out!

Deafheaven trw
Shiv Mehra (cq), far left, Stephen Clark (cq), center left, Daniel Tracy (cq), center back, George Clarke (cq), center right, and Kerry McCoy (cq), far right, make up the black metal band Deafheaven.
Deafheaven trw-2
Stephen Clark (cq), left, and George Clarke (cq), right, are seen lost in performing one of the songs off their latest album, “New Bermuda.”
Deafheaven trw-3
Frontman George Clarke (cq), center, letting out harsh vocals with guitarist Kerry McCoy (cq), right, shredding nearby.
Deafheaven trw-4
A blurry and distorted photo of Deafheaven singer George Clarke.
Deafheaven trw-11
A close up shot of George Clarke screaming into his mic.
Deafheaven trw-5
George Clarke is seen lost in his own music while fans extend their hands in support.
Deafheaven trw-6
Throughout the evening, George Clarke leaned into the audience. The audience, showing reciprocal appreciation, sing along with Clarke’s lyrics of intrinsic sorrow.
Deafheaven trw-7
George Clarke pushes his mic out to the audience, having them recite lyrics.
Deafheaven trw-8
An audience member is seen shouting Clarke’s lyrics while Shiv Mehra (cq), left, Stephen Clark (cq), center, and George Clarke (cq), right, perform an interlude.
Deafheaven trw-10
George Clarke reaches out his hands to the audience and receives support from his fans.
Deafheaven trw-9
Stephen Clark (cq), left, and George Clarke (cq), center, are seen performing songs for a packed crowd at Washington DC’s Howard Theatre.