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Construction on campus takes away student parking

Parking at UMBC has now become increasingly more difficult for residents of the Westhill and Terrace apartments. Severn, an apartment block in the Westhill complex, is currently being demolished, while Chester, another apartment block of this complex, is undergoing renovations. In the meantime, students are no longer able to park around the area surrounding Severn while this construction is taking place.

Students were told to move their vehicles from the parking spaces located in front of or behind Severn by 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 27, with the warning that the area was now under the authority of the construction company.

Jessica Williams, Residential Life’s assistant director for marketing and conferences, commented on the inconveniences surrounding this construction, “Residential Life stays in touch with our residents! We make every effort to inform students ahead of time if we foresee any problems or issues arising. Likewise, our residents know they can always come and speak with us directly.  While there are annoyances we all have to experience during this time, we recognize it’s for the enhancement of our community.”

The apartments are being completely remodeled.  In addition to new furniture, carpeting and appliances, the upgraded apartments will also use keycard locks for the front doors and bedrooms.

The area surrounding the apartments will also be improved through this construction. According to the site plans, the landscape of the area will be enhanced to create a more sustainable environment. Damaged trees will be removed, new plant beds and micro-bio retention areas will be generated and over 45 plant species will be introduced to the area.

Along with these environmental improvements, a new parking area will be constructed, an action which is largely supported by the residents of the Westhill and Terrace apartments since parking has recently become a problem for students.

Stephanie Cowman, a junior psychology and Spanish double major and resident of Westhill, expressed her excitement for this recent upgrade saying, “I’m very happy for the new parking, so hopefully people won’t be fighting over parking spots as much anymore! It’s hard enough trying to find parking now that I can’t wait for the new parking lot.”