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Seth Sawyers - Creative Commons

Do you have a question?

On November 13, the non-profit Jewish organization Hillel, along with the Student Life Mosaic Center, hosted the Fall 2015 Ask BIG Questions discussion on main street in the Commons. Students of all different creeds and backgrounds came out to participate. As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, the topic under discussion at this particular Ask BIG Questions event centered on what the students were thankful for.

Various tables were set up for the discussion and to welcome the participants to this Ask BIG Questions session. Each of the tables was decked out with black tablecloths and lined with plates and forks in preparation for the free kosher meal that was being provided at the end of the evening.

While Ask BIG Questions centers on one main discussion point, various other associated issues arising out of the original discussion question were also addressed during the event. “The point of Ask BIG Questions is to hold an organized event where we pick a relevant question to discuss as a group,” said Alana Hayes, a senior English major and a member of Hillel, who aided in organizing and running the Ask BIG Questions discussion. “We select a topic and students come together to speak about it,” said Hayes.

While Ask BIG Questions may have been organized by a Jewish non-profit group, people of all faiths and backgrounds were encouraged to attend, and everyone was welcome to join in the discussion. “Ask BIG Questions is open to everyone, regardless of who you are,” said Hayes. “It is important that this event facilitate open dialogue in the community on campus.” 

Ask BIG Questions focuses on open dialogue and strives to encourage participants to grow and better understand themselves as they discuss the serous issues and topics presented at the event. The ideas are drawn largely from what is happening on campus, and the discussions seek to open up a dialogue among the students. The idea is that participants take what they have learned from the discussion and apply it further to their daily lives. “Ask BIG Questions attempts to relay most topics based on what’s going on in campus and what can be done to help the campus community,” said Hayes.