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Letting it go at Disney on Ice

Apparently, the best way to let loose after midterms is by singing along, out-of-pitch, to classic childhood favorites at Disney on Ice’s “100 Years of Magic.”

Though the almost two-hour long show is a drag at first, zipping through the stories of “Aladdin,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and the tales of other princesses, it is clear that the first few of acts serve as a build-up to “Frozen.” The story about the two estranged sisters who grow to love each is definitely overhyped, yet it is undoubtedly the most fun to sing and dance to under the spray of the wispy fake-snow. Everyone vaguely knows the lyrics and can easily get into the storyline, even though it’s clear what will eventually happen.

The fun continues after “Frozen” and the crowd only gets louder. Arguably the most underrated Disney movie, “Mulan,” was next in the show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Mulan” will allegedly be remade into a live-action film soon, so this sequence was a great way to alert the younger generation about a Disney story that receives less attention nowadays.

While the performers in their bright and elegant costumes twirled around the rink, hundreds of entranced toddlers, parents and college students – many of whom took advantage of the romantic tone of the show – tracked their movements in awe. Viewers laughed in delight when a giant version of Mulan’s tiny companion, Mushu, came onto the ice near the end of the show.

The excited peals of laughter continued when suddenly, Rafiki, the baboon-Shaman from “The Lion King,” wobbled onto the ice. No one was expecting Timon and Pubmaa to follow shortly after and when Simba and Nala whizzed onto the stage sometime later, everyone got onto their feet to sing about love and “The Circle of Life.”

“100 Years of Magic” seemed to end too quickly, and dozens of tantrums began once the main lights in the arena came back on. Some parents promised that they would bring their children back soon, while others pretended to figure out how their families could meet the beloved Disney characters. It was unanimous, though. That night, Disney on Ice was the perfect distraction from the realities of the real world for kids and adults alike.