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An evening with Joanna Newsom

On Dec. 10, 2015, musician Joanna Newsom and opening acts Alela Diane & Ryan Francesconi came to Washington D.C. for a magical evening evening of sights and sounds.  Touring with her latest album, “Divers,” Newsom performed a sold-out show at the elegant Lincoln Theatre. Featuring tracks from her four studio albums, the concert included multiple instruments, such as Joanna’s iconic harp and even a mandolin. The background visual was a dreamy mountain landscape, which beautifully complemented the emotion in Newsom’s music. With her intricate plucking and distinct singing, Newsom performed a memorable evening for everyone who attended.

Joanna’s set list included:

  1. Encore

joanna newsom-12
Joanna Newsom looks out to a cheerful audience that is constantly wooed during each song.
joanna newsom-11
Mirabai Peart played violin, accompanying Newsom’s music.
joanna newsom-4
The Lincoln Theatre, located next to the U. St metro station, was a perfect choice for Newsom’s sold out D.C. performance.
joanna newsom-10
Ryan Francesconi, the opening artist, played a variety of instruments alongside Newsom.
joanna newsom-9
Newsom plays a song off her latest album, “Divers.”
joanna newsom
As beautiful as it was meditative, Ryan Francesconi (cq), left, Mirabai Peart (cq), center, and Joanna Newsom (cq), right perform each song with emotion and patience.
joanna newsom-2
A look at Newsom’s backdrop, a beautiful landscape that captures the atmosphere of her music.
joanna newsom-8
When she wasn’t playing the harp, Newsom also played piano.
joanna newsom-5
Ryan Francesconi (cq), left, and Alela Diane (cq), right played a brief set of acoustic melodies that reflect on the pair’s California and Oregon backgrounds respectively.
joanna newsom-7
Newsom sings while performing on her harp.
joanna newsom-3
For the main performance, Ryan Francesconi (cq), far left, Mirabai Peart (cq), left, Pete Newsom (cq), right accompanied Joanna Newsom (cq), far right for a magical evening of sights and sounds.