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I’m on a journey

A journey to gain my culture back

Cutting my relax hair off

Was just the first step

I experienced so much hate

Because I believed my hair in it’s natural state

Was just as great

And what makes it worst

It was mostly my fellow black people

Who expressed the most hate

I never knew what real freedom was

Until I cut the first relaxed strain

India Aire

Said it best

“I am not my hair”

But when everything of your culture

Has been stolen

Wearing my natural hair

Remains golden

I walk with pride

Knowing the fact

That my natural hair

Is something that can never be stolen

I can pretend that they have my pride

But I remain cocky about my appearance

On the inside

Since I’ve been holding all this pride

It is now being released

And being seen from the outside

Maybe one day,

Young girls and boys will scream with the same pride

And there will no longer

Be a popular saying

That straight and wavy hair

Is the best kind