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We need more land

They said

“Let’s steal already claimed land

And control the population”

They said

“Let’s separate the population through their religions and cultures”

They said

Let’s separate the population by race

“Then we can separate this population into smaller groups by outside appearances”

They said

“Let’s create a government that makes our words sound pleasurable”

They said

“Let’s convince all the populations

That the world can only survive

With how things are”

They said

“Let’s teach the young history

But only show and teach them the parts we like

Everything else must go”

They said

“Let’s create these populations a media

Give them technology

To distract them from finding out the complete truth

Of what we really did”

They said

Our plan seems to be working

They said

“What do they mean they want rights?”

They said

“Aren’t we letting them share our space?”

They said

“They should be grateful for what they already have”

They said

“They want to get paid for the same job as us

They must be crazy”

They said

“They fought to end segregation

Let’s act like they won over us”

They said

“Everything will still be the same before the war”

They said

“Now they’re blocking the streets for more rights

Didn’t they win the war?

They’re so ungrateful”

They said

“The population is seeing themselves as our equals

Should we be scared?”

They said

The answer is yes

We should be scared

Because they

As small populations have come together as one

And learned the truth and the lies that we’ve been telling them

They said

Seems as though they’ve used the tools we once created as distractions

For their advantages

That’s what they said

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